Below you will find a map and a table showing the different projects approved by the Kelvin Valley and Falkirk LEADER Programme.  An important aspect of LEADER funding is innovation and we aim to support a variety of projects. The projects below should help you get inspired on what is possible with LEADER funding and is not limited to these ideas. For more information on what ideas we will support please visit our Home page and supporting documents. We promote our funded projects on social media as well so it is worth following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Most importantly, if you have an idea we could fund, please get in touch!

Click on the green icons below to find about each project:

We are also involved in a number of Co-operation projects, which are being delivered across more than one LEADER area. These are:

  • Mugstock Festival (£4,310 KVF contribution)
  • John Muir Way Marketing & Business Engagement (£33,286 KVF contribution)
  • Crowdfunding Coaches Co-operation Project (£40.210 KVF contribution)
  • Central Canals Development Project (£77,778 KVF contribution)
  • Fishing in the Forth, Forth Rivers Trust (£10,459 KVF contribution)