Local Action Group

Kelvin Valley & Falkirk Local Action Group (LAG)

The Kelvin Valley & Falkirk Local Action Group (LAG) covers specific rural areas within East Dunbartonshire, North Lanarkshire and Falkirk Local Authority boundaries. The Local Action Group consists of members from a wide range of communities, agencies and organisations across the Kelvin Valley and Falkirk area.

LAG members have a pivotal role to play in the effective delivery of the LEADER Programme and they have a set of clearly defined responsibilities that consist of:

The development of strategic objectives and associated Business Plan, updating the Business Plan as necessary;
The development of project selection criteria;
Project scoring, appraisal and approval;
Ensuring compliance with EU regulations in relation to allocation and use of grant funding;
Monitoring financial and activity progress;
Ensuring efficient operating and monitoring systems are in place and being implemented;
Ensuring all policies are appropriate and effective;
Networking with other LAG areas;
Publicising and promoting the Kelvin Valley LEADER Programme.