Funded Projects List

As of August 2019, we have awarded nearly £2.5 million to 40 projects in the Kelvin Valley and Falkirk LEADER area. This is turn has leverage in nearly £3 million of other funding, making the total investment in the area up to £5.5 million. In addition to our project map, you can find out more about our funded projects below.

Project TypeProject NameTotal Project CostLEADER grant awardGrant Rate
CommunityShieldhill Butterfly Project£58,029£30,40452%
CommunityColzium Cafe & Visitor Centre£90,000£45,00050%
CommunityCanal by Bike Feasibility Study£13,0000£8,00062%
CommunityFalkirk Rural Skills£70,635£37,85154%
CommunityBridge over the River Carron£446,730£125,00028%
CommunitySCOPE (Slamannan)£20,649£12,25959%
CommunityFrontiers Development Project£20,000£19,000095%
CommunityKirkintilloch Town Hall Heritage Exhibit£265,000£125,00047%
CommunityHerbertshire Castle Park Feasibility Study£14,000£12,60090%
CommunityCATCA Futures Study£13,600£13,600100%
CommunityCommunity Hub at Baldernock Primary School – Feasibility Study£10,000£10,000100%
CommunityCaldwell Halls£52,790£25,79049%
CommunitySTS CIC – Workshop and Energy Generation System£70,000£63,00090%
CommunityRediscovering the Antonine Wall£770,294£450,000058%
CommunityPeople United for Banton (P.U.B.)£295,760£147,88050%
CommunityBanks Road to Tintock Tunnel Cycle Route£587,999£170,00028%
CommunityKinneil Estate Hidden Heritage£12,674£10,97487%
CommunityConnected Dunmore Feasibility Study£10,000£10,000100%